Simply email <> or call (984)204-0918 to schedule your session. Ginger will be happy to discuss with you location, clothing ideas, and what you are looking to get out of the session.

For lighting purposes, outdoor sessions are typically scheduled in the morning and early evening. It is preferable to schedule home sessions for the brightest time of day {this varies for each house}.

What to Expect

All sessions are held in your home or a location of your choosing. They are very casual and usually lasting around 1 hour. Ginger will arrive early to meet everyone. If the session is being held in your home, she'll have you show her around so that she can find the best light. She may also need to move around furniture/decor {don't worry it will all be moved back}.  If the session is on location Ginger will arrive early to decide where to start shooting based on light. For on location it is recommended bring water, a brush, and any other items you may wish to have on hand for freshening-up. 


The best time to photograph your newborn is around 4-10 days old. At this stage the baby sleeps a lot and is more receptive to positioning.

If you are interested in booking a newborn session please contact Ginger while you are still expecting. This will allow her to make room in her schedule around your due date. The exact date of your session will be determined after your baby is born, within the 4-10 day window.

If your baby has already arrived, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can try to schedule your session before your baby is two-weeks old.

After the Session

Within 4 weeks you will be presented with an online gallery of your edited images. After reviewing your photos you may order your prints and/or print-release.