January 2018

It’s gotten dusty. My camera. I need to clean it. It’s time. 

It’s time to get back to the thing that I love. Capturing life, chasing light, freezing time, that’s it - that is what drives me.

I decided to become a photographer the moment I laid eyes on my daughter. The beauty of new, perfect life lit an unshakable inspiration in my heart and ever since I have been chasing a dream. You may think the dream that I have been chasing is to become a successful photographer, and sure that is a goal and I even did that once but that wasn’t the dream, no that’s not it. The dream that I chase, the thing that keeps me alive is the dream of being able to soak in life. True life. And then, whether it be through my lens or poetic words, my true passion in life is simply to document it - in it’s most authentic form. Life and emotion can be so imperfectly sweet and beautifully heart-breaking. How can it possibly be captured? There is no perfect light or angle, no adjective or rhythm that can reflect the depth of a human soul. I am not mad, I realize my dream to be able to capture anything in entirety is not obtainable. I am not conceded, I am incapable of recreating anything as beautiful as the rawness of the moments that I hope to simply capture. I do not wish to impose my perspective of the world in my photographs either, my subjects have their own voices, and when I use my voice you will know. 

It’s time now…

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